What if you could change your life …

and someone else’s

at the same time?

You can.

There are hundreds of new, enriching career opportunities currently available in western Pennsylvania. If you want to make a difference, then there’s a job waiting for you. Today.
We need you. They deserve you.

In western Pennsylvania, there’s a shortage of direct care workers within nearly every health and human services field, including mental health, substance abuse, intellectual and developmental disabilities, children’s services, brain injury, physical disabilities, rehabilitation services, and more. Hundreds of these positions go unfilled every year, waiting for people like you.


As critical as this workforce issue is to ensure people in need receive the best care possible, it’s also a huge opportunity for caring, compassionate people who want a career that’s more than a job.

What happens without people like you?

Without you, individuals and families face constant change and uncertainty when they need consistency and stability. People deserve to lead full and meaningful lives like the rest of us. But they need our help. They need direct care workers.

Fuel your passion

with a career in direct care.

Direct care workers provide help with everything from basic daily living needs, to providing care and supervision, to administering medication, to job and life-skills training, and more. With direct care workers, those who need assistance can live fuller lives, take on jobs, enjoy volunteer opportunities, participate in learning and recreational activities --- and do all of the things we take for granted.

Let’s be honest: Being a direct care worker isn’t for everyone. But it might be for you. Don't take our word for it. Hear from the direct care workers themselves who are making a difference in people’s lives, and experience the fulfillment they get from enjoying a career that’s more than just a job.

“The individuals grow attached to you. They will expect to see you every day and grow a connection toward you. You are family to them…They look forward to being with you and learning something new each day.”

Chelsea McKeithen, Mon Yough Community Services

Do something great:
Become a Direct Care Worker.

There are hundreds of job openings in southwestern Pennsylvania for people who want to make a difference. Join those who are making a difference in the lives of individuals and families in need. Locate a job near you and APPLY TODAY.

Find Your Career

Career Pathways

Enhance Care

The Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association is working to attract and retain direct care workers to provide career pathways for personal advancement within the human services field, while helping providers ensure continuity of care for the individuals they serve.

Direct Care Workers =

Quality Care

Why are direct care workers so important? They help individuals lead a fuller life and support families who rely on the help to care for loved ones. Having steady, dedicated practitioners is important because it means he or she gets to know the individuals and families, and that knowledge and consistency of care helps to improve medical outcomes…and form lifetime bonds.


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